Port Of Rotterdam Holds LNG-Master Plan Meetings



Port of Rotterdam, in its pro-LNG implementation plan, held two master plan meetings last week.  The first meeting held on 23rd September was concerning the “Safety” features regarding the use of LNG fuel.  The second meeting held on 24th September addressed “strategies” over implementation or conversion to LNG.  More than a 100  LNG specialists from various European ports, local governments and the private market attended both the meetings.  The meetings brought to the fore results achieved so far as well as the barriers to the implementation of LNG as fuel in the shipping Industry.

Quoting some of the leading speakers at the meeting:

Elderman Pex Langenberg is quoted to have announced: “Rotterdam has embraced the implementation of LNG.”

Mark Bell,Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel: “There is a dash for gas, gas is becoming more and more popular as a fuel, a lot of industries are switching to gas because of the price attractiveness.  But we have to be aware of what the public thinks.  We have to educate the general public about the safety of LNG vessels.  That is a challenge since track records don’t go back too long.”

Niels Lyklema, Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment: “LNG brings unprecedented changes to the market.  We see parallel amendments in regulations, technology and safety reg. Navigation personnel.”

Matthé Bakker, DNV GL  is quoted to have said: “After 3 years of activities in the Masterplan project, many LNG facilities are in place.  But there is still a lot to do.  The lack of harmonisation does create confusion; rules can be interpreted in various ways.

Mark Bell is quoted to have said: “We should be clear about the numbers, regarding the environmental benefits.”

Roland van Assche, Port of Rotterdam is quoted to have said: “At this stage of the life cycle, the switch to LNG should not only be encouraged, but it should also be rewarded.”

Manfred Seitz, Pro Danube: “We are in a dialogue with the EU about needed funding.  They do see the need and the urgency.  It is clear, LNG is the most promising fuel for inland navigation.”

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority