‘Revolutionizing’ Future Dwellings That Float Above The Water


Imagine a society where residents reside in contemporary mansions that are suspended approximately 7.5 feet above the water. This year, fleets of “revolutionary dwelling pods” with cutting-edge technology and drones to transport necessities will be released.

Eco-Restorative homes

Ocean Builders, a Panama-based company that specializes in innovative marine technology, unveiled what they describe as the “world’s first eco-restorative homes.”

The EcoPod is designed to be a more affordable option that still includes the same principles as the SeaPod and GreenPod.

It features a rain-collecting roof, huge windows and a smaller floor plan.

SeaPods will be deployed primarily in warm, humid climates.

Pods can be reserved with a deposit of $100 on their website.

“We are planting the SeaPod seed here in Panama, but our eventual goal is to have SeaPod homes in every corner of the ocean, all around the world,” Ocean Builders’ CEO Grant Romundt said in a statement.

What do SeaPods look like? 

The raised structures will include three and a half levels, 1,250 square feet of storage space, an 833 square foot master bedroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

A sizable pair of glass sliding doors can be opened to transform the kitchen and eating space into an outside lounge.

Under the SeaPod, steel tubes packed with air provide buoyancy to secure the building.

How much will a SeaPod cost?

The SeaPod, which costs between $295,000 and $1.5 million depending on customizations and upgrades, was designed with cutting-edge technology for aquatic living.

According to the company’s website, “We are striving to keep the pricing as near as feasible to an average U.S. family house for the minimal home with the opportunity to add things like Air Conditioning, more solar, better kitchen, etc.”

Customers of Ocean Builders, the majority of whom are “strong crypto enthusiasts,” will now be able to use cryptocurrency in more transactions thanks to a significant cryptocurrency measure that recently passed in Panama.

When will they be available for occupancy? 

Ordering for the initial rollout of bespoke pods will start in September. According to Ocean Builders, the first 100 pods will either be produced or delivered by the end of 2023, while the second rollout of 1,000 pods will start in 2024.

How will locals access supplies and emergency medical care?

People will travel to and from their SeaPods using dinghy boats, jet skis, and nearby water taxis.

Food and medication deliveries will be made by drones. Larger deliveries, recycling, waste, and debris will be transported by a different autonomous vessel.

A “PodWatch Lifeguard Drone” will patrol the water and dispatch assistance if necessary. Either an AI camera monitoring the area, or a bracelet with an SOS button that, when pressed, summons a surface drone and provides you with something to hold onto.

What is an eco-restorative home?

These SeaPods have a purpose beyond aesthetics. They could also create brand-new, prosperous undersea habitats.

According to Ocean Builders, SeaPods add shade, which eventually draws marine life including barnacles, coral, and finally fish.

According to their website, “Every SeaPod that goes in the ocean puts us one step closer to repairing a marine ecosystem.”

A solid waste incinerator that burns trash to create non-toxic ash and a waterless urinal that saves water are two further environmentally friendly practices.

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Source: USA Today


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