Aqaba Container Terminal Unveils 20-Year Decarbonization Plan


The Levant region’s entryway, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), has revealed its decarbonization plan as reported by Container News.


The terminal wants to cut its overall emissions by 70% between 2020 and 2030. The long-term objective of the corporation is to have zero emissions by 2040.

“All sectors of the economy in Jordan must work together to make the shift to a low-carbon economy. We at ACT are dedicated to doing our share and laying out a clear route for Jordan’s logistics and transportation sector to adopt a future free of carbon emissions”, Soren Jensen, CEO of ACT, said.

“In order to decarbonize all of our operations by the year 2040, ACT has developed a clear roadmap by directly leveraging the innovations and best practices achieved by our parental businesses, Maersk and APM Terminals. Together with our customers and partners in Jordan and other countries, we look forward to executing this goal”, Jensen went on.

Additional investments 

A high-level CAPEX strategy that will allocate more than US$50 million in additional investment to decarbonization projects over the next 20 years supports this goal.

The strategy is broken down into four main projects in more detail: civil work, on-site solar installation growth, energy optimization, and a green premium on electrified equipment, including electrical chargers.

In the future, carbon neutrality is expected to become a crucial need for conducting business in logistics and transport, according to Jensen, who also noted that decarbonization is becoming an increasingly significant condition for customers. By moving through with its decarbonization ambitions, ACT hopes to increase both its regional and global competitiveness.


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Source: Container News