RINA Endorses Wind-Assisted Ship Performance Prediction Software


  • The Pelican performance prediction software, created by Blue Wasp Marine, has obtained Approval in Principle (AiP) from the International Classification Society RINA, marking a significant milestone in the maritime industry.
  • This recognition represents the first instance where such software, aimed at boosting the efficiency of wind-assisted ships, has gained class approval, as per the company’s announcement.
  • Given the global emphasis on adopting greener shipping practices, Pelican’s capacity to forecast fuel usage and emissions reduction stands to significantly reduce the industry’s environmental impact.
  • Blue Wasp Marine is committed to wind-assisted propulsion as a means of decarbonizing the maritime sector. Drawing from over ten years of PhD research, the company has developed Pelican, a unique simulation tool that delivers swift and accurate performance forecasts.
  • Pelican’s adaptable and customizable nature empowers decision-makers to make informed choices, ensuring optimal outcomes in wind-assisted propulsion initiatives.

Transforming Wind-Assisted Ship Efficiency

According to the company’s announcement, the Pelican performance prediction software, crafted by Blue Wasp Marine, has attained Approval in Principle (AiP) from the International Classification Society RINA, representing the inaugural instance of such software tailored to boost wind-assisted ship efficiency obtaining class recognition.

With the global push for greener shipping solutions, Pelican’s ability to accurately predict fuel consumption and emissions reduction is poised to make a substantial impact on the industry’s environmental footprint.

Blue Wasp Marine’s Pelican Simulation Tool

Blue Wasp Marine is dedicated to wind-assisted propulsion as a decarbonization solution for the maritime industry. Based on over a decade of PhD research, Blue Wasp has developed Pelican, a unique simulation tool that offers rapid, reliable performance predictions. With its highly flexible and customizable character, Pelican informs correct decision-making and ensures the best results in wind-assisted propulsion.

With a global network of over 5,600 professionals, RINA specializes in testing, inspection, certification, and engineering solutions across a wide

range of markets, including Marine, Energy and Mobility, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Space and Defence, and Industry 4.0.

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Source: en.portnews