VARO And Orim Energy Partner To Expand Sustainable Shipping Fuel Capabilities


  • VARO Energy and Orim Energy have joined forces to offer biofuels.
  • VARO and Orim are well to meet the increasing demand for sustainable shipping fuels.
  • VARO has a proven track record in providing biofuels for maritime logistics.

VARO Energy and Orim Energy have joined forces to offer biofuels to shipping customers in the Port of Rotterdam and the wider Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region. 

This collaboration aims to support the decarbonization efforts in maritime transportation in Northern Europe, aligning with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, reports Hydrocarbon Engineering.


Scale-up sustainable shipping fuel capabilities. Support decarbonisation of maritime transportation in Northern Europe.

Market Dynamics

Current demand for Fuel Oil in ARA is approximately 14 million tpy.
Market for B30 (blend of 70% fuel oil and 30% biofuels) expected to grow rapidly due to new EU regulations.

Partnership Strategy

VARO to provide biofuels sourced, produced, and blended to high-quality bunker specifications.
Orim to source fuel and gas oils for blending and deliver final biofuel blends to customers’ vessels.

Partners’ Capabilities

VARO: Significant biofuels trading capabilities and growing biofuel manufacturing asset base.
Orim: Extensive distribution, storage, and bunkering capabilities in ARA.

Track Record

VARO has supplied Port of Rotterdam with HVO100 since 2018.
Signed agreement with Höegh Autoliners in 2023 to supply 100% advanced biofuels.
Alignment with Strategy

VARO aims to become the partner of choice for low-carbon energy solutions in the energy transition.
Partnership supports EU and IMO’s decarbonisation targets for shipping.

CEO Statements

Dev Sanyal, CEO of VARO: Highlights critical role of blended biofuels in meeting decarbonisation targets for shipping.

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Source: Hydrocarbon Engineering