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How Japan is Coping with Shrinking Work force?

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Japan is not only the first Land to see Sun, but when it comes to innovation and technology they do it First too. With a shrinking Youth population and prospective future workforce – Toshiba tests robotic “Greeter” in a departmental Store in Tokyo.

It is not only in a departmental store, but also in various other avenues and businesses that Japan is employing robots. Could this be a probable solution to Japan’s Shrinking Workforce?

  A Huge crowd stood out in front of the Mitsukoshi department store, to greet the New robotic Greeter – placed at the entrance. At times, people did not realise that the Greeter was a Robot. There was mixed feelings among the visitors on seeing the Robotic Greeter – a set of people who stood amuzed and other bewildered as it is just a Robot.  

“Aiko Chihira” is an android manufactured by Toshiba, designed to look and move like a real person. It was put on temporary display at the department store.Chihira has 43 motors allowing it to move, speak in sign language and even sing.

Chihira can’t have a conversation yet, acknowledges Hitoshi Tokuda, Toshiba spokesperson. But he says the technology is evolving quickly and someday, robots like Chihira could replace humans for certain jobs.


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