Save Upto 6% Fuel Annually – With Dynamic AC system


With the DAC – All electrically propelled vessels can save at least 6% fuel annually.


ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is launching a new Dynamic AC (DAC) concept that optimizes engine speed, leading to significant fuel savings.  With a number of power generation and saving portfolio –  ABB’s Onboard DC Grid can improve the performance of vessels with a lower power requirement, DAC is aimed at larger ships with power of 20MW or more.


For a large cruise ship, for example, up to 6 percent (or up to 2000 tons of fuel) of annual savings can be achieved by engine speed optimization.  DAC adjusts the rotational speed of the diesel generating sets, allowing the system frequency to vary within the specified range.  Currently, many ships still run with their generators at a set speed, regardless of the power requirement, creating a surplus of wasted energy.  The medium voltage power system in the ship is specially engineered for variable frequency, including component design and system integration.  Distribution for the auxiliary and hotel loads is provided by frequency converters or directly from the variable frequency system.


Though this system can be aimed at any electrically propelled larger ships, ABB says that the cruise industry is the one who can witness more benefits from the DAC.

Source: ABB


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