Seably Acquires Award-Winning WellAtSea


Seably has acquired award-winning company WellAtSea, says an article published on Cision.

Technology business

The health and technology business is Head Quartered in Denmark and was founded to encourage seafarers’ sustainable health and lifestyle changes.

Lead program designer

WellAtSea’s operational base is in Manila, under the supervision of Gisa R. Paredes, M.A., RPsy, a Board Member and the lead program designer.

It currently employs 27 people and has partnered globally with ship owners on over 450 vessels helping more than 17,000 seafarers, which is continuing to grow daily.

Independent operations

This acquisition by Seably is part of its strategic plan for growth and strengthening its standing in the maritime sector and reinforces its commitment to improving seafarers’ welfare. Both companies will retain separate branding and independent operations whilst benefiting from each other’s innovation and efficiencies through shared Seably back-end support and investment. With the Manilla office integrated into the Seably network, both companies will offer 24-hour support.

SaaS product range

Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably, stated, “I am excited by this acquisition and the opportunities it brings, as both organisations, Seably and WellAtSea, recognise the importance of wellbeing and physical health for seafarers. This investment in WellAtSea is the beginning of Seably’s journey of growth as it expands its SaaS product range. By combining the two companies, the opportunities are boundless.”

Joined strengths

Claus Sonderskov, MD, CEO and Board Member of WellAtSea, declared, “The acquisition will enhance our joined strengths, offerings and impact. Seably is the future for maritime learning and development using the latest technology. WellAtSea provides easy-to-implement, platform-driven tailored programmes with a proven positive effect on the seafarers’ physical and mental health and overall wellbeing for companies of any size that employees enjoy using. Together, we will provide immense value for seafarers and promote more inclusivity within the industry.”

Medical repatriation

Gisa R. Paredes, M.A., RPsy, said: “As the seafarers’ shortage grows, crew retention will be even more critical. Health and wellbeing are key factors in keeping and retaining crews. Yet, 25% of seafarers in a Patient Health Questionnaire had scores suggesting they were suffering from depression, with 17% presenting anxiety symptoms on the Generalised Anxiety Disorder scale.* We can estimate that the costs facing companies for illness, medical repatriation and Death of a Seafarer can range anywhere from 25,000 – 105,000 Euros. This is why we must continue and expand on our work which Seably’s acquisition will now accelerate.”

High utilisation rate

Seably investment in WellAtSea will allow the company to grow its SaaS products range with a focus on improving mental resilience and enhancing the physical state of the seafarer’s health.

Digital products

The WellAtSea Program has a high utilisation rate of 84% on all ships enrolled, where up to 50% of the crew on board are engaged in the program at any given time.

The acquisition is key to Seably’s expansion plans for the coming years, as it aims to provide seafarers and ship owners with a full range of digital SaaS products.

Eliminating cultural barriers

Seably launched by The Swedish Shipowners’ Association in September 2020, is a unique online marketplace offering educational content for the maritime industry.

It engages learners through easy-to-understand content delivered online or offline via an app, PC and mobile device.

Technical material

Complex and highly technical material is presented in various learning styles, including 3D and video, eliminating cultural barriers to learning.

In addition, the high-tech platform uses iris recognition for learners for STCW-approved courses to avoid fraudulent behaviour.

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Source: Cision


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