Severed Head Reattached in ‘Miracle Surgery’



Jackson Taylor, 16-months-old, Australian toddler travelling with his mum and sister was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle at around 70mph. The force of the crash pulled apart Jackson’s head from his neck in an internal decapitation.

Spinal surgeon Dr Geoff Askin said: “The chance  of survival is practically zero, and if they did, then they may never move or breathe again after resuscitation.”

But, Dr Askin and his team of expert surgeons managed miraculously to reattach his vertebrae, using a tiny piece of wire and a piece of Jackson’s rib to graft them back together.

The toddler is fine now. But, he has to wear a halo to keep everything together for eight weeks, and he’ll lead a healthy life. Dad Andrew said: “We’re very, very thankful”, with Jackson’s mother adding: “It is a miracle.”

Source: The Sun


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