France in Floods After Storms



Heavy rain hit the French Riviera on Saturday evening.  South-eastern France is affected by violent storms and flooding, killing at least 17 people with four more missing.  Many died  trapped in their cars in tunnels and underground car parks as the waters rose.

The retirement home near the city of Antibes was flooded killing three inmates.  Mr Hollande offered condolences as he visited the retirement home in the town of Biot and urged residents in the region to remain cautious, saying: “It’s not over.” A state of “natural disaster” was declared in  the affected region. French President Francois Hollande thanked rescuers and expressed the “solidarity of the nation”.  The city of Nice had received 10% of its average yearly rainfall in just two days.  

The river Brague breached its banks, flooding nearby towns and cities.  The unbelievably heavy rain  and  rising water level prevented many from venturing out.  Many cars  were carried off into the sea.  A  lot of people were rescued and people are vigilant against looting.”  The motorway ways were closed and trains halted.  About 10,000 homes were still without power on Sunday evening, mainly in Cannes. Some were  stranded and had to sleep overnight outside their home.

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