Sex on Ship ‘Consensual’ Says Officer Accused of Attack on Junior



The Navy officer accused of sexually violating a junior has told a jury the interaction was consensual.

Scott Christopher Devonport Ward is on trial at the Auckland District Court on a charge sexual violation by way of unlawful sexual connection with a junior naval officer in October 2011.

The woman, who has automatic name suppression, alleges Ward came into her cabin uninvited and forced his way into her bed.

The name of the ships involved are suppressed, as well as aspects of the ranks of those involved, details of Navy business and details about the witnesses.

The woman says Ward pinned her down, groped her breasts and digitally penetrated her against her will, only stopping when another person entered the cabin.

Ward’s lawyer Anthony Rogers, questioned him today on the fifth day of the trial.

A witness yesterday recalled Ward being in a female-only cabin the night before the alleged attack, but Ward said he did not recall doing so.

The trial continues.

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Source: NZ Herald