[Watch] Salvage Operation To Recover Sunken Boat


Angela Arcella, a Fishing vessel submerged following a collision with a cargo vessel.  The Fishing vessel that sunk in Valletta, at Laboratory Wharf, has been successfully towed out of the sea following salvage operations organised by Cassar Ship Repair Company.

On August 9, MV Maria, was departing from Laboratory Wharf and due to a mechanical fault the vessel collided with another cargo vessel at berth, MV Union, and the fishing vessel Angela Arcella.  The MV Union sustained various damages on its rear end whereas the Angella Arcella capsized and ultimately sunk at Laboratory Wharf.  Cassar Ship Repair were instantly alerted by Transport Malta to surround oil spills in the site area.  The site was immediately surrounded by Cassar oil spill response team to border the pollution area.

During the rescue operation, the ship repairing company had to work around two factors, one, and the fact that the location was a strategic berth being the corner berth for the Ro-Ro vessel.  The second factor was that the way the vessel sunk on its port side where the damage was a tear measuring 13 ft x3ft and an impounded plate of 15×7 ft.

After the completion of the initial engineering process, the experts requested Cassar to clear the vessel from the area as it was posing a hindrance to the Ro Ro operations and the same was completed successfully within 24 hours.  Cassar Ship Repairing Company instantaneously positioned its divers to organise an underwater survey and a video footage to conduct an assessment of the damage and its Salvage Master together with technical team scrutinized the way forward for a method procedure and risk assessment to re-float the Arcella.

The first phase was to rigout the Arcella in a suitable way to be lifted by the 400 ton salvage vessel with the backing of the company’s equipment including the A-Frame crane barge, land cranage and all the necessary pumps, working boats and inflatable lifting bags.
When the vessel was turned to its horizontal position, the damage could be better assessed and the team commenced work on sealing of the damaged area.

After completion of all underwater repairs, all openings were closed and all safety measures were in place the Cassar team started the re-floating of the Arcella and by the evening the vessel was refloated.  Cassar ship Repair with their oil spill response team worked round the clock a day during the salvage operation to contain spillage of oil, debris and other loose materials from the Arcella.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for informational purpose only.  This may not be construed as a news item or advice of any sort.  Please consult the experts in that field for the authenticity of the presentations.

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Source: ONE News Malta on YouTube


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