Shell Malaysia to Reduce Workforce in Two Years



Oil and gas company Shell Malaysia  has a long history in Malaysia.  It will mark its 125th anniversary in the country next year.  It announced on Tuesday that it aims to improve efficiency and removing complexity without compromising on safety and reliability by reducing in the next two years, 1,300 jobs from its upstream division out of the total workforce of about 6,500 staff.

Shell Malaysia, a unit of Royal Dutch Shell PLC, wants to become a more agile and competitive company.  Though it is a very difficult decision Shell treats employees with respect and care in line with the Shell Global People Principles, and help their transition from their current positions.  Shell’s contributions to the oil and gas industry in Malaysia, especially to Sabah and Sarawak in the development of the country’s resources, is remarkable.  Shell remains confident of its future in Malaysia.

In Malaysia Shell Group operates all the major lines of Shell’s business, from the upstream to the downstream as well as business services as off-shore explorer, mid innovation hub for the Group and as the fuels and lubricants brand of choice.

“Shell Malaysia is preparing itself to be more competitive in a low oil price environment.  Continuing business as usual is not sustainable.  We are taking difficult, but necessary action. We have a strategy going forward, anchored on our scale and competitiveness in the upstream and leveraging our leading brand in the downstream.  We remain aligned strategically with the Group and we are confident that we will be able to deliver competitive returns for our shareholders, thus earning the mandate to compete for our future in Malaysia,” continued Lo.

Source: thestar


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