SHI Secures ClassNK Approval for Ammonia Fuel Supply System

Credits: Jean van der Meulen/Pexels

South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has received approval in principle (AiP) from ClassNK for its ammonia fuel supply system developed for oil tankers and containerships, reports Offshore Energy.

The review of the conceptual design was carried out by ClassNK based on its “Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels.”

Ammonia fuel supply system

Ammonia is considered a promising solution for decarbonizing the shipping industry as it does not emit CO2 when combusted. SHI has been actively involved in projects developing ships that use ammonia as fuel. In the summer of 2022, the shipyard received AiP from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for its design of an ammonia-fueled Neo-Panamax container vessel. In September of the same year, the Korean Register (KR) issued AiP for SHI’s design of an ammonia-fuel-ready very large gas carrier (VLGC).

SHI has also signed a joint development program (JDP) agreement with Finnish technology group Wärtsilä in 2021 to develop ammonia-fueled vessels with 4-stroke auxiliary engines for future newbuild projects.

Greener shipping and innovative solutions

The recent AiP from ClassNK for SHI’s ammonia fuel supply system further demonstrates the shipbuilder’s readiness for the emerging ammonia shipping market driven by global decarbonization demands. The collaboration between SHI and ClassNK aims to expand industry options for greener shipping and support innovative solutions for the decarbonization of the shipping sector.

The acknowledgment and approval from ClassNK validate SHI’s efforts in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly shipping solutions. With the growing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry, the adoption of alternative fuels like ammonia is expected to play a crucial role in achieving the industry’s decarbonization goals.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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