Yantai Port Completes 1st Dual Oil Offloading Operation

Credits: Olga-subach-unsplash

Yuan Chun Hu, A ship carrying 300,000 metric tons of cuttlefish and limpet crude oil recently docked at Pier 602 in Yantai Port Crude Oil Pipeline Co., a subsidiary of Shandong Port Group, reports China Daily.

This is the first time that the 300,000 ton crude oil terminal in the Yantai Port receives a ship with two types of cargo.

First dual-oil unloading operation

Due to Pier 602, which is 401 meters long and can accommodate very large crude oil carriers (VLLCs) with a capacity of 300,000 tons, the annual crude oil discharge capacity of Yantai Port has increased by 16 million tons. .

Currently, the western port area of ​​Yantai Port has a complete crude oil unloading, storage and transportation system comprising two 300,000-ton crude oil terminals, several 100,000-ton crude oil terminals, tank farms, a pipeline long distance of 1,200 kilometers, as well as railways, highways and waterways.

Yantai Port Crude Oil Pipeline Co also has other types of logistics channels, such as oil pipelines combined with highways, railways, and water transportation.

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Source: China Daily