‘Ship Of Fools’ Club & A Call For Pragmatic Solutions


The wind propulsion has become a pandemic, with more giants joining “Ship of fools” Club, each passing week. No SME owners install useless monsters on their ships, to my knowledge, says an article published on a maritime bulletin website.

Growing Membership In The “Ship of Fools” Club

The adoption of wind propulsion in the maritime industry is witnessing a surge, with more industry giants joining what critics dub the “Ship of Fools” Club on a weekly basis. This trend, however, is met with skepticism as critics argue that the incorporation of wind propulsion is more about virtue signaling than fostering healthy shipping practices or contributing to a robust economy.

To date, it appears that no small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners are opting for these seemingly impractical innovations on their vessels.

Questioning The Merits Of Wind Propulsion

The critique dismisses the notion of substantial “fuel saving” associated with wind propulsion, labeling it as unjustified. The detractors suggest that the trend is nothing more than major shipping companies succumbing to the pressures of the “zero-emission” narrative, which they view as a crime against humanity.

From the perspective of these critics, the unconventional appearance of these wind-powered ships signals potential challenges in terms of exploitation and maintenance.

Operational And Safety Concerns

Expressing concerns about the potential dangers these ships pose, critics emphasize the unpredictability during severe storms. The fear is that the unconventional sails, or “monster ‘sails'” as described, could malfunction and pose threats to both the vessel and its crew.

Critics argue that the crews of these wind-propelled vessels should receive double wages to account for the war-like risks, increased maintenance efforts, and the potential for moral damages.

Growing Resistance To The “Green Agenda”

Critics suggest a growing global skepticism towards the broader “green agenda,” citing an increase in the cost of living worldwide. This sentiment is reportedly reflected in social media discussions and comments on mainstream articles promoting green initiatives.

Even individuals who may have been supportive of environmental efforts are beginning to express reservations, contributing to a more hostile reception of the “green agenda.”

Alternative Perspectives On Emission-Free Shipping

Amidst the criticism, the author introduces an alternative perspective by proposing a project for an ideal, deep below-zero-emission cargo ship. The project, initially presented in 2019, is positioned as a more practical and viable solution compared to the perceived impracticality of wind propulsion. The author invites readers to reconsider and appreciate this alternative vision for sustainable shipping.

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Source: maritime bulletin