Shipping Australia Partners With WISTA For Enhancing Diversity


Shipping Australia announced on 12 June that it has joined the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association WISTA (Australia).

Shared Commitment 

Monika Lemajic, President of WISTA Australia welcomed Shipping Australia’s application to join, saying that over the past year and a half, WISTA and Shipping Australia Limited (SAL) have been working together to strengthen bonds, support the industry, and contribute towards equality for all.

“This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable maritime sector. This corporate partnership highlights SAL’s dedication to these values, showing their genuine commitment through tangible support and investment” said Monika Lemajic

Forging Partnerships 

Formed in 1974, the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA International) connects over 5,100 female maritime professionals across 59 countries. National WISTA Associations provide networking, skill-building, and business opportunities. WISTA Australia aims to develop an equitable maritime industry, recently allowing men to join, embracing students, and forming partnerships. As Sue Terpilowski OBE, Founder and Managing Director of Image Line Communications, WISTA International Press Officer, had said to SAFETY4SEA, the presence of women in maritime isn’t merely symbolic; it’s pivotal for attracting and retaining diverse talent. To truly advance DEI, stakeholders must prioritize tangible support mechanisms for women seafarers. 

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Source: Safety4sea