Ships Aground, Smashed and Decks Torn. Strom Frank’s Show!



Storm Frank’s high winds and waves pushed vessels aground, smashed ships against docks and tore cargo from weather decks.

Speed read of such incidents:

  • In Marstal Harbor, Denmark, a general cargo vessel went hard aground on Wednesday.  No hull damage, injuries or pollution were reported, and a tug has refloated her.
  • In the harbor at Poole, England, the high speed passenger vessel was smashed against the dock by the storm’s heavy waves.  Authorities said that wind speeds in the harbor approached 55 knots.  She was removed from service pending repairs and has refunded tickets for future sailings. Her next crossing had already been cancelled due to Storm Frank.
  • At the southern entrance to the English Channel, 18 nm off the island of Ushant, France, the Wagenborg general cargo vessel lost a deck cargo of timber in heavy weather.
  • In Norway, a ferry went aground at Mannheller Sogndal on Wednesday.  Media reported that strong winds were a contributing factor.

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