Port Of Montreal Will Enable Vessels With Cold Ironing


The Government of Canada showed interest in the installation of shore power at the Port of Montreal to reduce marine diesel air emissions thereby improving the local air quality.

Port Of Montreal

Shore power is the facility of providing shoreside electrical power to a ship while shutting down its engines and connecting it to the electrical grid for providing the necessary power while docked.  The source for land-based power can be grid power or an external remote generator.  These generators may be power-driven by diesel or clean energy sources such as wind or solar.

Shore power saves consumption of fuel, reduces marine diesel air emissions and eliminates the air pollution associated with consumption of that fuel.  This facility also enables the ships to undertake the maintenance of the ship’s engines and generators.  It also helps in reducing noises and improves local air quality.

The plan includes the installation of two types of systems at the Port of Montreal.  One system would provide shore power connection for cruise ships at the Alexandra Pier, and the other would provide shore power system for wintering ships.  The total greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reductions resulting from this project are expected to reach 2,800 tons annually.  The total outlay for the project is $11M.  The Government of Canada and Quebec and Montreal Port Authority have jointly funded the project.  The contribution of Government of Canada is $5M under its Shore Power Technology for Ports Program whereas the Government of Quebec and Montreal Port Authority is contributing $3M respectively.

Source: Canada.ca