Worldwide Reminder For Air Emissions


Air Emissions

The UK & PI Club has witnessed an increase in the number of members being fined as a result of a breach or alleged breach of Marpol Annex IV Regulations.

As a result, the association aimed at reminding its members about the following points:

  • Ships trading in designated emission control areas (ECAs) must not use fuel oil on board with a sulphur content exceeding 0.10%.
  • ECAs currently cover the North Sea, Baltic Sea, North American coastline and US Caribbean.
  • Outside the ECAs, with a few exceptions, the worldwide sulphur cap on fuel oil is set at 3.5%, for passenger ships the cap is 1.5%.

 Exceptions to the rules mentioned above are as follows:

Vessels Positions                                                     Level of Sulphur Content in the fuel
European Countries Australia Hong Kong Turkey
Berth or anchored in an EU port not more than 0.10%
EU territorial waters and exclusive economic area outside ECA Not more than 3.5%
Passenger vessels which come or go in EU port 1.5% of sulphur content
All cruise ships berthing in Sydney and New South Wales Ports after 1st October 2015 and 1st July 2016 respectively 0.10% or         < 0.10%
Ocean-going vessels Not more than 0.5%
All vessels arriving at Turkish port and all inland vessels sailing on Turkish inland waters Not more than 0.10% by mass in all vessels
Passengers vessels providing regular services in areas covered by Turkey’s marine jurisdiction Not more than 1.5%

Source: UK P&I Club


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