Simply Blue Group Ventures Onshore To Propel Sustainable Aviation And Maritime Fuels


  • Simply Blue Group, known for offshore wind projects, expands its horizons by developing onshore Renewable Energy Parks (REPs) in Canada, Ireland, and Australia.
  • These REPs aim to process sustainable biomass, producing over 300,000 tonnes of renewable liquid fuels annually for aviation, marine vessels, and chemical feedstocks, with a focus on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and methanol.

Simply Blue Group, a prominent offshore wind project developer, announces its foray into onshore renewable energy parks (REPs) in Canada, Ireland, and Australia. These projects mark a strategic shift towards producing sustainable fuels to meet the growing demand in the aviation and maritime sectors.

Production of Sustainable Fuels

The REPs will leverage sustainable biomass to generate over 300,000 tonnes of renewable liquid fuels annually. With a primary focus on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and methanol, these projects aim to address the pressing need for eco-friendly alternatives in transportation and industrial sectors.

Engineering Design Phase

Currently, the three sustainable fuels projects are in the engineering design phase, signaling progress towards their operationalization. Construction on the Canadian project is slated to commence in 2026, reflecting Simply Blue Group’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Market Opportunity Recognition

Michael Galvin, Director of Hydrogen and Sustainable Fuels at Simply Blue Group, underscores the company’s foresight in recognizing the market opportunity for sustainable fuels. By integrating large-scale power generation with biomass conversion, Simply Blue Group aims to unlock new possibilities in the renewable energy landscape.

Alignment with Environmental Goals

Hugh Kelly, Co-Founder and CEO of Simply Blue Group, emphasizes the company’s dedication to addressing climate and food crises through innovative energy initiatives. By venturing onshore to develop renewable energy parks, Simply Blue Group demonstrates its commitment to fostering collaboration between land and ocean-based solutions.

Sustainable Feedstock Sourcing

Speaking to Bunkerspot, Michael Galvin elaborates on the REPs’ sourcing strategy, which involves utilizing sustainable feedstocks such as crop residues and forest residues. Leveraging renewable energy sources, the REPs will produce methanol, a versatile chemical with applications in various industries, including aviation and maritime.

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Source: Bunkerspot

Future Outlook

With the establishment of REPs and the production of sustainable fuels, Simply Blue Group aims to drive positive environmental impact while capitalizing on emerging market opportunities. Through strategic partnerships and technological innovation, the company remains poised to lead the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.