Singapore Registers Record Biofuel And LNG Bunker Sales!

Credit: Ti Gong_

Bio-blended bunker sales rose to an all-time monthly high in Singapore last month, according to preliminary figures from the port authority, says an article from Engine Online. 

Alternate Fuel sales

Changes in Singapore alternative fuel sales between June and July:

  • Bio-HSFO sales down from 1,000 mt to 490 mt
  • Bio-VLSFO sales up from 34,000 mt to 39,000 mt
  • LNG sales up from 17,900 mt to 18,300 mt
  • Methanol sales up from nil to 300 mt
Credit: MPA Singapore

Almost all of the 40,000 mt of bio-blended bunkers sold was VLSFO blended with a bio component – typically 24% biofuel in Singapore. LNG sales hit a record, too, with over 18,000 mt sold. Methanol made a first appearance in the sales data, with just shy of 300 mt sold. That was the widely-publicized methanol stem that Maersk’s feeder vessel picked up. It was supplied by Hong Lam Marine and OCI Hyfuels.

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Source: Engineonline


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