Tomini Shipping Welcomes Tomini K12 as Flagship Acquisition

Credits: joshua-rawson-harris-w5P8mdWzLu8-unsplash

Embark on a journey through Tomini Shipping’s latest milestone as they expand their fleet with the impressive Tomini K12, a game-changing addition reshaping the maritime landscape. The tominigroup source.

  • Tomini Shipping achieves expansion milestone with acquisition of Tomini K12, their largest capesize bulk carrier.
  • The addition of Tomini K12 elevates their fleet to 28 vessels, maintaining an average age of just 6 years.
  • Sustainability takes the helm as Tomini Shipping’s strategic approach, focusing on increased cargo capacity and reduced emissions per deadweight ton.

Expanding Horizons

Tomini Shipping, a renowned player in the dry bulk shipping sector, continues its remarkable journey of expansion with the acquisition of the Tomini K12. This significant addition, a Chinese-built capesize bulk cargo ship boasting an impressive 208,286 DWT, is poised to become the crown jewel of their existing fleet.

Setting a New Record

With the integration of Tomini K12, previously known as MP The Vrabel, Tomini’s fleet portfolio achieves a remarkable milestone, now encompassing a grand total of 28 vessels. This feat not only amplifies the company’s operational prowess but also maintains an impressive average fleet age of merely 6 years.

Navigating Towards Sustainability

Tomini Shipping’s latest acquisition aligns seamlessly with the company’s overarching growth strategy. The focal points of this strategy encompass not only augmenting cargo capacity per vessel but also a steadfast commitment to minimizing emissions on a per deadweight ton basis. Through this targeted approach, Tomini Shipping embraces sustainable practices while elevating its operational efficiency to new heights.

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