‘Siport21’ To Help Drones Land On Ships



The Ministry of Defence of the Spanish Government has engaged ‘ship numerical modelling specialist’ Siport21 to develop systems that will predict vessel movements in advance so that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can land on them safely.

The system under development will map the swell in a vessel’s operational area and determine the relative movements of both vehicles (UAV and vessel) and provide a prediction that enables the UAV pilot to safely land the vehicle.

The project will define the movements of the vessel depending on its characteristics, load conditions and meteorological and maritime conditions.

Siport21 has been involved in other research projects including a study of effective moorings for tanker terminals exposed to waves and a study on tug assistance in heavy seas.

The project Prediction System Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on Naval Platforms will run until 2017.

Source: Siport21


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