Top 5 Extremely Popular Infographics Of 2015


Top 5 infographics that got huge audiences over the last year and continue to be relevant in today’s industry, as presented by PTI.

1. Amazing MSC Oscar Comparison :

Comparison of the sheer size of the MSC Oscar and how many vehicles, planes and trains it would take to move the 19,224 TEU of cargo aboard the ship.

2. Size in TEU of Carriers’ Fleet :

The breadth of ownership within each container line’s fleet in terms of TEU, while stating that around 90% of world trade is transported via sea.

3. Containership Growth in the last 50 Years: the International Transport Forum (ITF)

An in-depth account of containership growth over the last 50 years.

4. The Global Shipping Fleet :

Depicting the state of the global merchant shipping fleet in 2015 from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

5.  Berth productivity of global ports :

The ‘Real Impacts of Mega-ships’ report, by the International Transport Forum (ITF), depicts the berth productivity of global ports in 2014.

Source: Port Technology