Smaller Green Shipping Corridors Have Greater Potential



There is hidden potential in smaller green shipping corridor, Gitte Livbjerg, head of fuel concepts at the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping (MMMCZCS) said in a webinar yesterday.

Livbjerg explained that the centre’s most developed green corridors are still stuck in the feasibility stage. “No green corridors have been fully implemented so far. Smaller projects might be easier to implement. This way we can focus on volume and implement a larger number of corridors for CO2 abatement.”

Green corridor methodology

Under the MMMCZCS green corridor methodology, the pre-feasibility study phase for green corridor projects roughly takes nine months. “There is a screening of the proposed area in the pre-feasibility to check which projects for alternative fuels are either existing or upcoming. The pre-feasibility assessment is agnostic on technology and fuel,” Livbjerg noted.

44 green corridor projects announced

Citing data from the Getting to Zero coalition, Svendsen mentioned that there are currently 44 green corridor projects announced. Half of these are stuck in either the pre-feasibility or feasibility phases, with the more developed ones in the feasibility phase.

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