south korea leads in securing ship building orders



The Korean based South Korean Shipbuilders, owned by the Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. have taken the lead by procuring the maximum shipbuilding orders worldwide  in the first half of 2015.

While world over, ship building orders have halved this year from 26.99 million CGTs to 13.28 million CGTs, the South Korean Shipbuilders have secured the largest amount of new orders in the first half of 2015 totaling to 5.92 million CGTs.   In 2014, they secured an order of 6.16 million CGTs for the entire year.

According to the data compiled by global researcher Clarkson Research Services,  the Japanese shipbuilding companies have secured orders worth 2.68 million CGTs and have thus overtaken the Chinese, who have received orders worth 2.56 million CGTs this year.

In terms of global orders this is the first time in a span of 10 years that the Japanese have overtaken China in half-year new orders.  Until last year, China led the world orders followed by South Korea and Japan.