S&P Global Applauds Bipartisan Bill For Shipping Manifest Transparency


S&P Global Market Intelligence expressed backing for the Manifest Modernization Act, a bipartisan initiative presented by Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Bill Cassidy, M.D. This proposed legislation aims to enhance transparency in shipping manifests by expanding disclosure obligations to cover additional modes of transportation.

Closing Gaps

While ocean vessels have traditionally disclosed manifest information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, aircraft, trucks, and rail have not been subject to similar requirements. 

The Manifest Modernization Act aims to broaden public disclosure obligations, encompassing aircraft, trucks, and rail manifests, providing a more inclusive perspective on U.S. imports. 

Transportation Insights

In a recent analysis, S&P Global Market Intelligence, a division of S&P Global providing global market information services, revealed key insights:

  • 47.2% of U.S. imports from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023, were transported via sea freight.
  • Air freight played a pivotal role in specific sectors, representing 98% of U.S. imports for computer chips and 84% for silicon wafers during the same period.
  • Essential products heavily reliant on air freight included hormones (98%), vaccines (95%), aerospace parts (93%), and phones/network devices (77%).”

Supply Chain Challenges

“Building a diverse, resilient and compliant supply chain requires a comprehensive view of international trade data, however, the data currently disclosed provides an incomplete picture,” said Sarah Cottle, Head of Research, Advisory and Specialty Solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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Source: S&P Global