Stan Munro Toothpick Art


What can you do with a toothpick?

The most obvious answer is to pick at your teeth.

But these little wooden sticks can do so much more.  Stan Munro has been turning toothpicks into fantastic arts.

About Stan Munro

  • A 38-year-old man from Syracuse, New York, USA.
  • He is not a student of architecture.
  • He learnt everything through books, the internet, History Channel and a little something called “8th-Grade Algebra.”
  • He started using toothpicks for his art from his fifth year in school.
  • He turned that passion into his profession.
  • He dedicates the sculptures to his wife, Suzi.

Exhibit Work:

  • It took 6 years to complete
  • Over 6 million toothpicks were used
  • Also, 170 liters of glue were used.

Source: Toothpick World