Star Bulk Scores ‘B’ Rating in the Carbon Disclosure Project

Credits: Natalya Letunova/Unsplash

Star Bulk Carriers Corp., a global shipping company focused on the transportation of dry bulk cargo, has announced its score in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for 2022.

Management Level Score

Star Bulk has competed in the CDP for a second year in a row, earning a B rating, improving its performance over the previous year (2021) when it received a B rating. According to CDP scoring, this rating continues to place the company at management level (B/B-), which is above the industry average of C (awareness level) and above the global average of C (awareness level).

The management level indicates a maturity to “take coordinated action on climate issues”, while the awareness level translates to “knowledge of the impacts on and of climate issues”. The CDP Score enables companies to understand their position on climate policy, identify areas that need attention and make progress towards environmental protection through benchmarking with peers.

As part of its ESG strategy, Star Bulk is committed to transparent reporting and continuous improvement of its environmental performance while contributing to industry efforts to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future.

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Source: Globe Newswire