Strategic Partnership Bound To Unlock Vessel Optimization


  • Nautilus labs and OrbitMI are going to enter into a merger to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Nautilus will provide voyage optimization using information from Orbit reports.
  • The partnership will bring Orbit one step closer in enabling intelligent seamless workflows.

By managing data integration and operational processes, Nautilus Labs and OrbitMI will collaborate to combine voyage optimization with daily reporting, allowing shipowners to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Orbit reporter

Orbit Reporter, a browser-based tool that standardises reporting structures and templates, is available to vessel owners. Noon reports, arrival and departure reports, cargo and event reports, and fact statements are easily shared with any third party and used by Nautilus products.

High-frequency data

To provide voyage optimization, Nautilus uses information from Orbit reports and, if available, high-frequency sensor data. This allows shipowners, operators, and managers to route vessels in the most cost-effective manner.

Vessel performance

“We can quickly integrate to generate value by monitoring the vessel’s performance and optimising its voyages using Orbit’s solution in combination with high-frequency data,” said Nautilus Labs chief commercial officer Jan Wilhelmsson.

Digital solutions

“The complementary offering offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, ranging from noon and claims reporting to machine learning-based boil-off gas optimization. Digital solutions are the first step toward net zero.”

Carbon footprints

An application interface allows Nautilus to instantly pull reports submitted via Orbit Reporter for machine-learning outputs.

“Nautilus Labs solutions are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of ocean shipping,” said OrbitMI CEO Ali Riaz.

Critical collaboration

“With each partnership, Orbit dismantles another data silo.” This collaboration expands OrbitMI’s mission to enable intelligent seamless workflows, which are critical for increasing profitability and lowering Emissions.

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Source: Riviera


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