Suez Canal: Ships of Varying Sizes Traverse in New Waterway



A record of 1356 ships have crossed the New Suez Canal within a month as a result of new, widened and renovated waterway, which was inaugurated on 6th August 2015.

Ships of varying tonnage and sizes have crossed the new canal with ease.  Of note is the massive French container ship CMA CGM VASCO DE GAMA, a 400 m L, 54 m W and 18 m D that crossed the new waterway.  The vessel was heading towards Tangier city, Morocco from Malaysia.

MSC Oliver, known to be the world’s  second largest container ship crossed the waterway in her maiden journey from China to Europe.

Mohab Mamish, the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, reported that the Suez Canal revenues so far in 2015 has amounted to $5.04 billion.  The New canal building project that cost about $8.2 billion comprises of a new parallel waterway spanning over 35kms, alongside the existing 145-year old waterway, which links Asia and Europe.

Source: Cairo Post