Sugary Drinks Linked to Death of 24,000 Mexicans Every Year



A recent study released by, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University has mentioned that the causeof one in every 100 obesity-related deaths is due to sugary drinks.  Every year many Mexicans die of diabetes, cancer and heart disease interrelated to sugary beverages.

Almost 184,000 deaths associated with sugar-sweetened beverages happen throughout the globe each year.  76 percent of these deaths have taken place in developing countries with low or middle income.  However, homemade sugary drinks are immensely prevalent in Latin America and predominant in Mexico.  Hence, Mexico has the highest casualties. On an average 24,000 Mexicans pose a bigger threat to life.  This death rate from sugary drinks is quite alarming. It is said that this is because Mexico is the world’s biggest consumer of sodas.

Infographic: Sugary Drinks Kill 24,000 Mexicans Every Year | Statista
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