Superyacht Made From A Container Ship

Credit: Marcin Ciszewski/Unsplash

The nautical take on erecting a residence out of cargo containers.

Comfort and safety

Nothing is worse for the nouveau riche than realising the old guard at the yacht club doesn’t actually respect them. Buy this elegant $72 million pleasure vessel instead of those other old-money jumpers so you can really put them in their place. This is the Vard 1-08 Kilkea, a “pedigree-builder” superyacht formerly a container ship.

VARD 1- 08 KILKEA has unmatched seakeeping skills, ensuring maximum safety and comfort. It is strong and robust.

She has an ice-classed hull and a hull with commercial inspiration that can handle the worst conditions in complete comfort.

This amazing adventure yacht can go across uncharted waters for up to 30 days without resupplying.

There is enough for all the tenders, toys, and tiny planes one may require on a round-the-world cruise, as well as a proposed helideck.


All the luxury is highly valued 

The daring individual luxury and design are highly valued aboard the superyacht VARD 1- 08 KILKEA. Depending on your arrangement, up to 36 guests can be accommodated in 18 cabins thanks to the huge interior and deck spaces available for salons, dining, and rest areas.

The fact that you can’t actually dock the boat at the marina or get near enough to the yacht club so they can see you throwing them the finger from the helipad is a drawback. Instagram is for just that, after all.

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Source: Core77


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