Swedish Firm Wins Award For Marine Heat Recovery System



The multinational consulting and analytical firm Frost & Sullivan awarded “Technology Innovation Award” to Climeon AB for their innovative heat power solution.

Frost and Sullivan has released a report on Marine Waste Heat Recovery Systems stating Climeon as #1 with a score of 9.2(excellent) out of 10.  The “Excellence in Best Practice Award Banquet”  was hosted by Frost & Sullivan in Frankfurt, Germany where the Swedish firm was awarded “Technology Innovation Award” for Climeon Ocean- their groundbreaking industry solution for Marine Waste Heat Recovery.

About Climeon Ocean:

Climeon Ocean is a system that converts hot water between 70-120 C into 100% clean electricity.  The system is scalable from 150 kW up to 1 MW.  Each unit can help customers reduce CO2 emissions up to 5000 metric tons per year.

With its record high efficiency and compact design, the solution does this at a cost typically lower than traditional energy sources, such as coal and oil.  As a consequence, this clean electricity source becomes a true alternative energy source with a potential to significantly impact the global CO2 emissions.

The key benefits of the system are:

  • Up to 14% efficiency
  • Typically, around ~5% fuel savings for marine installations
  • Typically, around ~5% CO2 reductions
  • Well suited for all ships with >5MW engines
  • Designed for new-build as well as retrofit

Source: Climeon