Tanker Crashes into Historic Mansion


On April 7, a tanker crashed into Istanbul’s historic mansion located on the shores of Istanbul’s Bosphorus.

What happened?

The Maltese flagged tanker ‘Vitaspirit’ crashed into the historic ‘Hekimbasi Salih Efendi Mansion’ after its steering equipment became locked. The historic seaside mansion located under Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge was extensively damaged during the collision.

The Hekimbasi Salih Efendi Mansion has stood on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait since the 18th century and was used to host weddings and concerts in Turkey.

Monument assessed

Towboats and Coast guard vessels were dispatched to the crash site and assisted in pulling the tanker from the crash site and brought it back to the shore. The damage to the monument is currently being assessed and historians were called in to evaluate the damages.

The traffic in the strait had been suspended in both directions and there were no casualties reported during the accident.

Bosphorus strait

The Bosphorus is one of the world’s most point for maritime oil transports, with more than 3 percent of global supply – mainly from Russia and the Caspian Sea – passing through the 17-mile waterway connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

It is also used by vessels carrying grain from Russia and Kazakhstan to international markets.

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Source: Reuters