Tanker and Platform Severely Damaged in Allison Off Den Helder


On December 31, a tanker and an offshore platform were severely damaged an allision off Den Helder.

What happened?

The tanker ‘Elsa Essberger’ was reportedly involved in an allision with the unmanned offshore-platform ‘Unocal Q1’ around 20 miles off Den Helder in the Northsea.

During the course of the allision, both the vessels suffered significant damages. The tanker was enroute from Antwerp to Malmö, when it slammed into the platform.

Platform severely damaged:

The offshore platform identified as ‘Unocal Q1’ was built in 1995 as part of an oil and gas exploration field in the Dutch. After the allision the platform was immediately cordoned off from the shore based control centre. The four legs of the platform were severely damaged and were partially bent.

The Dutch Coastguard dispatched a tug ‘Guardian’ to assess the situation of the platform. The tanker was able to free herself from the damaged platform with the help of crew members. The tanker suffered severe damages to it bow and its foreside, and is currently anchored at the vicinity of the allision site. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident and no oil pollution was reported.

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Source: NH Nieuws


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