Dr. Vis – Bunker Guru


Dr. Vis – The “Bunker Guru”

Dr. Ram Vis, whose name Viswa Lab carries, is first a Marine Engineer and has a Doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering and a Masters in Internal Combustion. He is on the Roster of Experts of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a Consultant to the Department of Transportation (Maritime Administration – Federal Government of USA) and a member of CIMAC Working Group for Heavy Fuels and Lube Oils, ASTM D2 Committees and Intertanko Bunker Sub-committee……….

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Dr. Vis has personally inspected over 4,000 ships as a Classification Surveyor, has had many publications in highly regarded journals, and is globally referred to as the “Bunker Guru”.  After his career with American Bureau of Shipping, he worked as a scientist with NASA for 6 years before starting the lab.

Viswa Lab is the second biggest lab in Bunker Fuel Testing in terms of the samples tested and has been selected as one of the 4 IMO testing labs.  Viswa Lab is also involved with Energy Efficiency, Emission Reduction, Scrubbers, EEOI and instrumentation for all these.

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Viswa Group Uplifting Clients With COVID19 Cure Good News!

In a recent circular, Dr. Vis of the Viswa Group has instilled hope and faith in its customers and clients by highlighting the good news coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s the letter written by Dr. Vis. Here is some very important news on the Coronavirus pandemic: Recently approval has been received for a […]


Viswa Lab Speaks About the Importance of Good Relationships in a Letter To Its Clients

With the coronavirus outbreak wreaking havoc in everyone’s life Dr. Vis from the Viswa Lab writes to all of you on hope and how to maintain cordial relationships while social distancing. Here’s what he says. These are difficult times. They are challenging to all of us in more than one way. The news of extreme […]


Availability of HFO After 2020 in Bunkering Ports

There has been some concern that from 1.1.2020, high sulfur fuel will not be readily available since the overwhelming portion of bunker fuel will be low sulfur products and that refineries and major oil companies may not be able to even bring the high sulfur product into the market. Please find comments from some of […]


Viability of Scrubbers for Different Type of Vessels

The justification for a scrubber is based on the following criteria: Return on investment which includes the CAPEX and OPEX cost The weight of the scrubber that will be added on to the vessel increasing the energy expended by the vessels engines all through its lifetime. Horizontal scrubbers weigh half or even less as compared […]


The New Bunker Fuel Regulations – Some Thoughts

In this analysis some numbers gave been assumed even though they may not be very accurate, in order to understand the problems and solutions. The purpose is to get a holistic view of the bunker industry. Come 1.1.2020 the shipping industry has to change over to low sulfur fuel (less than 0.5%), if they do […]


Lower Forever Oil – A Denouement

Lower Forever Oil – A Denouement We have been saying for the last 3 years that the oil prices are not going to go up. The reason is not politics; it is not supply and demand; it is not OPEC; it is only because Technology has made oil exploration and oil production cheaper. It is […]


Batteries with Twice the Life

BATTERIES WITH TWICE THE LIFE AND HALF THE CHARGING TIME – TOYOTA FILES PATENTS In a breakthrough in research, Toyota claims it can sell cars equipped with solid state batteries which will run much longer on a single charge and which can be charged in a very short time. Current Lithium Ion batteries cannot be […]


Shape of Things to Come

The Maritime Silk Road initiative of China is a mammoth effort to dominate trade and transportation. The whole plan is conceived on a massive strategic long term basis. It is almost as important as the previous massive Chinese initiative of becoming the global factory which was a success. This initiative has almost succeeded and huge […]


The Business of Selling ISO 8217

Why is it called “The Business of Selling”? The reason is that the ISO 8217:2017 standard itself does not have the intrinsic merit to sell itself. This has been the fate of ISO 8217:2010 and ISO 8217:2012 also. Strenuous efforts were made to sell the standard and it did not succeed. We know this since […]


The See-Saw Battle Between Opec and US Based Shale Producers

OPEC countries last month cut oil production and this sparked a rally in crude prices.  Saudi Arabia carries the impression that shale producers from the US, whom the Saudis call “high-cost producers” will be driven out of the market if OPEC maintains a low price and floods the market with more crude.  This expectation has […]



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