Teen Boy Plays Hide-And-Seek, Ends Up in Another Country

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A Bangladeshi teen played a game of hide and seek that he probably won’t forget in his lifetime. The boy, only identified as Fahim, reportedly went to Malaysia while hiding inside a ship’s container. He had been stuck inside the container for six days before being saved on January 17, reports Meaww.

About the incident

As per reports, the 15-year-old was playing on January 11 when he snuck into the container as he thought it was the best place to hide. But unfortunately, he fell asleep inside the empty space only to realize later that he had gotten stuck. He, along with the whole ship, sailed more than 3,000 kilometers on the sea before reaching Port Klang in Malaysia on January 17.

It has been said that since Fahim was trapped inside without food and water, he continuously cried for help before being discovered by an employee at the port. The shocking incident resulted in the Marine Police Force, the Malaysian Immigration Department, and the Klang District Health Department visiting the place for a probe.

Not a human trafficking case

At first, Fahim was reportedly believed to be a victim of human trafficking but later, the authorities realized there was no foul play. Also, in a statement, home minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution shared, “When the vessel arrived at Westport and the container was unloaded, authorities found the boy inside. He is the only one found inside the container. A police report has been lodged and the boy, who has a fever, was taken for a medical examination.”

The minister added, “We are now in the process of repatriating him. He was the only boy found inside the container. We are not linking this to human trafficking because the initial investigation found that he entered the container, fell asleep, and (was transported to) Malaysia.” It has been said that the teen’s health was analyzed at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah before he was declared in good condition and the process to send him back began.

He got lucky

Meanwhile, the video of Fahim found in a foreign nation has gone viral on Reddit with a user saying, “Honestly he got lucky. Ship voyages can easily take weeks.” Another user commented, “The kid looks sleepy but a little off. Did he suffer some sort of brain damage or the lack of food made him act weird?”

A person wrote, “The 3 days without water thing is bullshit, hardly anyone will die in the same conditions as this boy in only 3 days. If he’s not moving much and generally just sitting around, a more realistic expectation is 10-20 days. He likely got IV fluids as a precaution, but, water and electrolyte powder would be enough.” The second one added, “It’s only the average that a person can only survive 3 days without water. The record is 18 days. This boy was lucky, but it’s not entirely unheard of, and considering his age and the fact that he probably wasn’t in a very hot environment bought him a decent amount of extra time probably.”

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Source: Meaww


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