The Operation Performance Package By ABB



The Operation Performance Package (OPAC) service agreement with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) by ABB Turbocharging is its third and largest.  ABB now services over 300 turbochargers for CSCL, the largest number covered under contract with any customer.

  1. ABB provides reduced running hours of turbocharger which is cost-effective.
  2. ABB Identifies potential future issues, thereby delivering associated cost savings.
  3. ABB guarantees that only ABB parts customized to each specific turbocharger will be fitted.

ABB Turbocharging, China said, “Understanding our customers’ specific service needs is essential.  Selecting both our OPAC and MMA agreements to cover more than 300 turbochargers.  It clearly indicates that long term care is a priority for ship operators, underlined by the 22% year-on-year growth we have seen in signed service contracts.”

Source: Energy Global


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