IMO Tier III Compliance For SCR Exhaust System



Hug Engineering’s SCR Selective Catalytic Emission Reduction System has reached the stringent new IMO emissions certification for Tier III on Amels 188 yacht.  Lloyd’s Register class supervision test ensures the generator sets of the new 57.70 meter Amels 188 will comply with IMO Tier III NOx emission limits.

In this project, the main and auxiliary engines have to be certified as IMO Tier III NOx emission engines. Additionally the generator sets are equipped with the NauticleanTM active diesel particulate filter.  Tier III, the next stage of the United Nations IMO NOx emissions regulations, applies to vessels operating in North American and the United States Caribbean Sea NOx Emission control Areas (ECAs).  Additional areas are expected to be designated NOx ECAs in the future.  In order to meet these stringent NOx Reduction Regulations of approx. 80 % of Tier II with state of the art technology, additional Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems are inevitable.

Source: Amles