The Russian Bunker Fuel Saga Continues.



Last Month, Viswa Lab had published a technical update on Problem Fuels Supplied in Russian Ports.  In order to update MFAME readers on this case, we have approached Viswa Lab to know more about problem fuels.

Here it is – Exclusively for you.


More problems are being reported by Technical Superintendents when the vessel bunkers fuel from the below list of ports:

  1. Nakhodka,
  2. Vladivostok,
  3. Slavyanka and
  4. Vostochny.

The problems are more predominant in 4-stroke diesel generators than the 2-stroke main engines. Though the main cause of damage to various machinery parts is due to the fuel being acidic, Viswa Lab says, “to combat such problems and offer a solution, it requires a careful and complete study on the shipboard conditions. Thorough knowledge on the fuel chemistry and troubleshooting skills are essential as what we get in the Lab are just 750 ml of fuel which we assume to be representative one”. 

Thus to summarize, the Russian bunker fuels which are highly acidic has damaged:

  1. Diesel Generator fuel pump elements – Mostly pitting or acidic corrosion
  2. Main engine fuel pump elements – Seizure and Loss of Propulsion
  3. Purifier Disc stack – Plates eaten up/Damage
  4. Fuel Injection Valve – Failures  
  5. Purifier Sludge formation and Filter Choking.

Viswa Lab has recommended a probable solution for using such high acidic fuels after performing many specialized tests on the fuel sample. In case,  your vessel cannot de-bunker or if you are in the middle of the ocean – do not hesitate to contact Viswa Lab for a probable solution.

Source: Viswa Lab Fuel Problem Support Team. We thank Viswa Lab for providing necessary information and an update on the problem fuel. 

Do you have a Fuel Problem? Write to the Viswa Lab Fuel Problem Support Team – [email protected]


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