The Tragedy Of The Ship “Peter Zoranic”


Peter Zoranic

Accident type: Collision
Vessels involved: Peter Zoranic, World Harmony and Tarsus
Location: Bosphorus
Date: December 14, 1960
Casualties: 52 died


Name: Peter Zoranic
Built: 1959
Type: Tanker
Tonnage: 17830  grt
Length: 192 m
Width: 25 m

Peter Zoranic was Croatian tanker built in 1959.  At that time he was the most modern tanker of his age.

On December 14, 1960, the Yugoslav tanker, Peter Zoranic was sailing through the Bosphorus ladened with gasoline and kerosene.  About midway through, she crashed into the empty Greek tanker, World Harmony, sailing from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.  A tremendous fire broke out on the Peter Zoranic and several explosions occurred aboard the Greek Tanker.

After the collision, the Yugoslav tanker, burning fiercely and out of control, started to drift with the current across the Strait.  The Peter Zoranic then collided with the Tarsus, which was anchored outside a dry dock awaiting repairs.  The fire spread from the tanker to the Tarsus and she was completely destroyed.  In total, some 52 persons died in these events.

Source: Wikipedia