TODAY – 10 JUNE 2015


Word of the Day:

CRASS – So crude and unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility.

Synonym: unrefined.

Usage: Jenny’s mother was horrified by the crass behavior of the young man whom her daughter had befriended.

This Day in History:

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Completes First Transpacific Flight (1928). Southern Cross is the name of the trimotor monoplane which in 1928 was flown by Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith  and his crew in the first ever trans-Pacific flight to Australia from the mainland United States, about 7,250 miles (11,670 km).

wikiimg.jpg       Southern Cross.jpg

credits: Wikipedia/media Creative commons.

Quote of the Day:

Fools make researches and wise men exploit them. – H.G. Wells

Fact of the Day:

Eiffel Tower gets 6 inches (15 cm) taller during the heat of summer.

Image of the Day:

Tropical cyclones occur rarely over the Arabian Sea – usually just one or two per year. The first to emerge in 2015 – Ashobaa – was on a collision course with Oman.

Credits: NASA – Earth Observatory.


Cartoon of the Day:

Credits: Alicia. A as quoted in Ba-ba Mail