Top Developments In Ballast Water Treatment Technology In 2022

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A recent news article published in the talks about 2022’s top stories in Ballast Water Treatment Technology.

Key issues in the maritime industry in 2022

We look back over our most read stories from the year to revisit the topics that your reading habits revealed as key issues in the maritime industry in 2022.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, looming compliance deadlines and the daunting logistics still to be overcome to meet those deadlines underpinned the preponderance of the most read stories on Ballast Water Treatment Technology in 2021.

While one expert warned of the coming ’tsunmami’ of retrofits over the next few years, a class society drove home the message with analysis showing the ’uncomfortable’ number of retrofits that need to be done in 2022, alone.

Ballast water-related agenda

Time constraints, some to do with difficulties related to the ongoing pandemic, forced global shipping regulator IMO to push back discussion on ballast water-related agenda items, adding to the sense of dwindling time.

Elsewhere, our readers were keen to understand how to avoid claims on lapsed exemptions on ballast water treatment systems in US waters as well as how to successfully navigate the BWMS commissioning testing process.

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1. Mark Riggio starts new venture

2. Ballast water treatment systems demand high-performance materials

3. USCG final policy letter released

4. Ballast water treatment providers gain seat at IMO

5. Commissioning test: clean the ballast tanks and lines first

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