In November, 17 LNG-Fuelled Vessels Were Ordered

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A recent news article published in the Bunker Spot speaks about 17 LNG-Fuelled Vessels Order in November.

DNV’s Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform

Seventeen LNG-fuelled vessels were added to the global order book in November with container vessels and car carriers constituting nearly two thirds of the new contracts, according to the latest figures from DNV’s Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform.

Total orders for LNG fuelled ships for the year to date have now reached 203, while methanol fuel orders have reached 35.

All low-carbon options now makes even more sense

‘With the preliminary agreement at the EU last week that shipping will be included in EU ETS starting from 2024, all low-carbon options now makes even more sense,’ commented Martin Wold, Principal Consultant in DNV’s Maritime Advisory business. ‘Methane emissions will also be included, so methane slip from engines will come under even greater scrutiny.’

As reported in November, monthly orders for methanol-fuelled ships overtook LNG bookings for the first time in October, according to statistics provided by the AFI platform.

Speaking to Bunkerspot last month, DNV’s Regional Business Development Manager, Anders Mikkelsen, said October’s total is ‘probably a one off’ but that methanol-fuelled vessels will nevertheless continue to gain traction.


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Source: Bunker Spot


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