Top Maritime Opinions Of 2015



PTI interviewed expert maritime professionals who spoke about some of the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the port industry during 2015:

  1. PTI interviewed Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Navis Andy Barrons  who believes that the increased ship size and sharing of processes are the primary concerns.
  2. Mr Thomas Gylling, Global Automation Sales at Konecranes Port Cranes believes that the pressure to utilise economies of scale for productivity can be eased  by improving turnaround times of ships, trucks and trains.
  3. Klaus Peter Hoffmann, Vice President and Managing Director of Terex Port Solutions, spoke to PTI about the current need for  automation to cut down costs.
  4. Mr Antoine Berbain, Managing Director of Haropa Ports  said that the Port of Le Havre Port Authority was planning to consolidate containers from the waterway and rail through to the port.
  5. Jason Hyeon, Head of Terminal Business Unit at CyberLogitec believes  enhanced operational efficiency and process automation will deal with unexpected scenarios.

Source: Port Technology