Total Lubmarine Launches New Generation Lube By 2016



The emissions regulations aim to decrease the amount of SOx, NOx, PM and of CO2 emitted by the ships worldwide.  All the pollutants are not yet regulated but presently, technologies exist to reduce or limit their emission at the exhaust.  However, the use of any such technology directly impacts the MCL (marine cylinder lubricant).

From 2015, vessels sailing in ECA will have to use fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 0.1%.  In the future, to match up to the regulatory norms, fuel residues with higher sulfur content will not be available.  This would, therefore, require vessels to run distillate fuels such as MDO or MGO.  The adjustment must happen on a continuous basis to match the drop of sulfur content in fuel oils.  This also requires Cylinder Lubricants to have a rapid adaptability to this new and changing environment.

By the year 2016, Total Lubmarine, the Marine lubricants producer propose to introduce a new cylinder oil that is adaptable to a range of sulphur levels. Trials of which have proved to be successful.  Serge Dal Farra, its Global Marketing Manager, is quoted to have said: “ The new product is currently undergoing sea trials, and results are looking “very promising”.  The product, according to Farra, was compatible with marine fuels with sulphur levels ranging from 3.50% to 0.10%, due to its chemical makeup using Ash Free Neutralising Molecules (ANM).”

Mr. Farra added, “We think there is potential in utilising chemistry to develop one cylinder oil for marine fuels of all sulphur levels on modern engines.  Today there could be doubts that it is ‘too good to be true’ to simply use one product, but we have conducted trials on both ends of the sulphur range found in marine fuels, and it is very promising.  This is why we believe we could be in a position to launch the next generation of cylinder oil in 2016.”

According to Mr. Farra, Total Lubmarine has a wide distribution in over 1,000 ports worldwide making it  “the most of any brand.”  He is quoted to have said: “We have a lot of former seafarers especially in technical support working in our team. We have also invested in a research and development facility for marine lubricants in Solaize, France.”

Total Lubmarine started a new lubricant blending plant in Singapore in July 2015.

Source: Total Lubmarine