Two Grain Barges Sank After Allision In Mississippi


A tow vessel allided with the bridge resulting in the breakaway of all the 30 barges near Thebes, Illinois, on Wednesday.

Accident Allision
Date 6th April 2016
Vessel type A tow vessel
Location Near Thebes, Illinois
Casualties Nil

The tow vessel allided with Thebes Railroad Bridge at approximately five a.m. on Wednesday.  This allision led to the breakaway of all the 30 barges, which were being pushed by the tow vessel.

Out of the 30 barges, one sank at mile marker 42 of the Mississippi River, and another sank next to the Thebes Railroad Bridge.  The River is now closed to all traffic from mile marker 44 to mile marker 20.

U.S. Coast Guard immediately responded to the incident and is now working with the Army Corps of Engineers and the owner of the barges to supervise salvage operations.  There were no reports of any injuries and no other property was reported damaged aside from the sunken barge.

An investigation to find out the cause of the allision is underway.

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Source: USCG News


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