New Black Sea Shipping Corridor


  • 151 ships used Ukraine’s new Black Sea shipping corridor.
  • Ukraine introduces a “humanitarian corridor”.
  • The economy relies on the export of grains in Ukraine.

 Ukraine’s new Black Sea shipping corridor has been utilised by 151 ships and transported 4.4 million metric tons of cargo, including 3.2 million tons of grain since its establishment in August, reports Reuters.

Emergence Of Humanitarian Corridor

This initiative emerged after a U.N.-supported agreement for safe Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea collapsed in July due to Russia’s withdrawal. To maintain the flow of exports, Ukraine introduced a “humanitarian corridor” along the western Black Sea coast near Romania and Bulgaria.

Future Economy Of Ukraine

Yuriy Vaskov, deputy minister for renovation and infrastructure, mentioned that currently, 30 ships are loading at Ukrainian ports, with 22 ships set to carry 700,000 tons of grain and eight ships preparing 500,000 tons of other cargo.

Ukraine’s economy heavily relies on maintaining the flow of grain exports, especially considering its substantial economic decline of about a third last year. Nevertheless, the economy is anticipated to grow by approximately 5% this year.

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